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Our wholesale seafood in East Providence, RI is one that is not just a fish market but one that is connecting seafood buyers. We are known as good business people and offer the best prices to those that seek to buy wholesale seafood. We give guidance to restaurant distributors and help them with their menu needs with freshness and cost effective purchases. 

Our product line is expansive and has all that you could need in seafood and shellfish. We catch only the best of the sea and will only offer that seafood that is of high quality. We monitor all water activities for soundness and safety. We follow all protocol for keeping fish fresh and also have the highest level of service. We make prompt deliveries and have it to you as quick as we can get it there. Even on our trucks the procedure for keeping fish the freshest if a top priority. We maintain all log books to be current and inspection ready. To us, there is no other way to do business. 

We offer wholesale seafood like no other market. We knew when we set out to sell quality food that integrity had to be at the center of it all and we have kept it that way. And we have a reputation and plan on maintaining it! We have a lot of local references and appreciate all that is said about us. You'll be glad you found us and we know we'll be doing business for years to come. It certainly is worth the purchase when you're making memories. Some of our fondest memories are around food. It's just plain fun, with the sharing of stories and life experiences.

And you know that we don't have to make up our fishing stories, they're the truth! It's not the one that got away, it's the one we caught!

Our prices are good and we give you a great deal.

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